Dial Voice

Dial voice solution allows implementing interactive voice portals and voice push services for customer use.

Those services allow our partners to:

  • Offer real-time access to their data via a simple call.
  • Manage an automated call center with navigation.
  • Send voice mails to customers within the context of marketing operations or customer information.
  • qui devient ainsi le témoin de la marque. Nous vous offrons également la possibilité de développer une voix personnalisée

Dial Voice Solution can:

  • Be deployed in various languages such as Arabic, French, English, amazigh
  • Quickly create voice applications with TTS (Text To Speech)
  • Build services on self-service mode.
  • Guarantee a 24/7 access to the service.
  • Provide data entry and a quick response for customer retention.

Dial Voice core

It is the solution’s core; it communicates with the telephone network, manages calls scheduling, generates and persists the CDR.

Dial Voice Gateway Interface: this sub modules allow the communication with the external environment (database, SOAP messages) and with third-party products (speech synthesis engine, voice recognition engine).

Dial Voice Application

Implements the business logic of the solution through:

  • Service publishing (content publishing, management of menus, sub menu ...).
  • Accounting Management.
  • Commission Management

Dial Monitor

It’s the solution’s back-office, it manages :

  • The setting and content management.
  • Reporting: reports setting and Restitution.
  • The resources: including external data sources connection.
  • The resources: including external data sources connection.