Dial Messaging

DIAL MESSAGING offers reliable and secure routing platforms to mobile using different communication channels:

Dial messaging platform:

It is a multi-channel routing platform connected directly to Moroccan and foreign operators networks (over 160 countries).

The platform contains protocol layer which is responsible for receiving and transmitting data. It supports all type of equipment and communication protocols, and allows, depending on the capabilities of the client terminal, to interpret and format messages according to the following technologies: sms, mms, and wap.

The platform is also able to handle several languages, font types and different ways of encoding (Arabic Unicode binary and Latin).

Dial chat communication

It is a platform that uses highly accessible communication technology to facilitate social interactions between customers.

The platform is built around a physical environment recognized to be stable and efficient, a flexible and advanced technical base, a reactive management process and a variety of client interfaces standards.

Dial Social Networking

It is a platform which allows you to interconnect with various social networks (facebook, twitter, Linkdin ...) It also allows you to communicate with your network via SMS, USSD , to broadcast advertisements, hyperlinks, videos, photos ...

The platform has mechanisms for high availability of load increase and automatic "failover" that provides optimal service to customers.

To access the features offered by the platform, we offer several standard interfaces.

Webservices (SOAP), HTTP, FTP, SMTP, manual interfaces (SMS Online, SMS Manager, ..).

For all these platforms, our alert system and our response procedures have been improved and made reliable accordingly to ensure continuous monitoring with a 24h/24 and 7/7 call service.